Two Creative Designers, Douglas Herrin and Kirk Hughett, came together twenty years ago to form Herrin Design Concepts, Inc.

With an emphasis on seamless texture, color and movement, the Herrin Design Concepts family...

Who We Are


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Interior Design Services

137 Pittsburg Street - Suite E

Dallas, Texas 75207

214.520.3967 P

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Douglas Herrin has created a collection of bold abstract original artwork. Through the use of acrylic and mixed - media on canvas his detailed pieces convey energy, pathos and light.

Every client's voice and vision brought to life. Herrin Design Concepts, Inc. strives to listen to each and every client, and make sure that all they can imagine is fully realized... Relax and look through our portfolio. Other client's dreams; We start creating your vision when we meet.

Herrin Design Concepts, Inc.